Authors: Robin D. Laws

Cover Artists: Jérôme Huguenin,

Pages: 130

Rhialto`s Book of Marvels


The Rules of Archmagical Omnipotence

Too long have the Dying Earth’s arch-magicians labored without a sourcebook to call their own. Now you can fully immerse yourself in the impossibly powerful milieu of the world’s most notable denizens.

With new rules for competitive play, you can finally prove to your fellow wizards that you are the most quick-witted, fashionable, seductive, and pedantically obstructive of them all!

Armed with the information in this invaluable tome (a bargain at treble the price), you can:

  • Dominate arch-magical politics, mastering the rules, regulations and customs of the Conclave! …
  • Construct elaborate manses, packed to the rafters with rare and expensive artifacts — then animate them and send them into battle against each other! …
  • Uncover the quirks, secrets and foibles of 22 arch-magical colleagues…
  • Disdain wizardly robes in favor of a terrifying new role: the horrifically mighty archwarrior…
  • Delve into the forbidden secrets of the lackadaisical and omnipotent sandestins.…
  • Contemplate schemes to enslave those most dangerous of entities, the gods themselves!


Ignore these deathless pages at your peril. Your fellow players – that is to say, your opponents – doubtless have it already, and are studying up.

The very wisest of GMs will also purchase the introductory Rhialto-Level adventure: The Creep of Inaccuracy. A full adventure and a living guide to starting a campaign and running scenarios at Rhialto-Level.

GMs (& Players) of any caliber can download a free Rhialto-Level double-sided character sheet template.

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