Authors: Keith Baker, Monte Cook, Greg Saunders, Grashpotel, Lynne Hardy, Steve Dempsey, Mark Ricketts, Lizard, Jim Webster

Cover Artists: Sarah Wroot

Pages: 86

The Excellent Prismatic Spray 6

The XPS series features adventures, background and words of wisdom for the Dying Earth RPG, and is indispensable to fans of the Dying Earth. Issue Six features an article on Vancean magic by Arcana Unearthed author Monte Cook; a d20 conversion of Dying Earth rules by Keith Baker, creator of the new Eberron campaign setting for Wizards of the Coast. Hogshead’s Mark Ricketts gives sterling advice on adding horror into your Dying Earth games. XPS 6 also includes adventures, new weapons, cults of the Dying Earth and much more. With such well-known names and an attractive layout, XPS 6 is a must for any Dying Earth player, and others besides.

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