Authors: Robin D. Laws

Cover Artists: Jan Pospíšil

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Hillfolk Card Deck


This custom playing card deck for Hillfolk, the roleplaying game of dramatic storytelling from acclaimed designer Robin D. Laws, and DramaSystem, the engine that runs it, includes face cards styled for your next saga of Iron Age Drama.

Special scene prompts appear on each card, giving you suggestions to jump-start your creativity the next time you’re stumped for a scene.

In addition to illustrations for the face cards and the standard playing cards element, each card has two graphically distinct bands for text:
• Emotional goals (used to spark dramatic scenes)
• Practical complications (used to spark procedurals or ease your way into dramatic scenes)

Scene prompts are genre-free and can be used in any DramaSystem series.

You can play DramaSystem with ordinary playing cards, but these will make you the envy of the all the badlands clans.

If you backed the Hillfolk Kickstarter, you can download these from your bookshelf now.

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