Authors: Aaron Allston, Robin D, Laws, Phil Masters

Cover Artists: Ralph Horsley

Pages: 72

Cugel’s Compendium

(Cugel-Level expansion book for the DERPG rules)

We have made this book indispensable for purely commercial reasons.

It contains Arcane Items of Obvious Utility such as the Mutable Deck; Fashions, Fripperies, and Distracting Baubles and a new power, the Tweak: spend ability points & gain a distinct temporary advantage.

  • Procure Advantage: Negate a blunder with the “Forgive my Companion, who was Dropped at Birth” tweak, or Persuade your mount to eat a rival’s hat using the Riding tweak: “There’s Turnips In It For You”
  • Arcane magical items and intriguing equipment: The cornucopia of discreditable secrets, Distracting Baubles, The Diamonds That were Kathakl Thark, Spring-Heel boots and 3 dozen other practical adjuncts.
  • 24 simple but clever Cantraps from Ian Thomson, aiding you to such feats as instantly cleaning your clothes, momentarily dazzling an opponent, and leaping out of harm’s way
  • Plus learn to negotiate to your advantage, dress outrageously with the Random Costume Generator and line your pockets with guaranteed confidence tricks.

Disclaimer: In certain strictly-limited circumstances some contents may occasionally be dispensable!

To ease any sense of discomfiture here are some free downloads:
1) Alternative blank character sheets: Cugel-Level front page v1; Cugel-Level front page v2; and a standard back page
2)  Cugel-Level Sheets with Character Pictures. Ch’sainth; Ecnomander; Gorbinesse; Jozenda; Kurnio; and Palandro.
3) A GM’s aid for tracking Improvement Points, Wealth Owned, and Sympathy Points. Printing this two-page sheet double sided allows you to track up to eight characters with ease.

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