Authors: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan

Interior Artists: Christian Knutson, Melissa Gay

Pages: 33

Not All Of Us Made It

The Stranger wears the Pallid Mask, the Stranger says he wears no mask.

In The Yellow King RPG, our world is invaded by the malignant, cancerous reality-warping influence of Carcosa and the dreaded King in Yellow. In the Aftermath setting, the Yellow King and his minions, the Castaigne regime, have been driven from America, and the shattered nation must be rebuilt as it comes to terms with the cosmic horrors unleashed by the King’s presence.

In this one-shot adventure for Aftermath, the revolution happened six months ago. The characters are survivors of the nightmarish incarceration camp at Fort Hyades, who have gathered at a support meeting when they are nearly killed by a bomb. When the police are singularly unhelpful, they have to investigate for themselves.


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