Authors: Robin D. Laws

    Cover Artists: Robin D. Laws

    Pages: 64

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    See Page XX

    See Page XX is an irregular column written by Robin D. Laws, as part of the monthly See Page XX webzine. This collection brings together his first twenty four columns.

    The columns are amazingly innovative, sometimes bringing in to the light techniques many GMs use without having a name for them, sometimes putting forward brand new ideas. They only dwell in theory as much as is required to highlight practical techniques.

    There is advice for designing games, researching and planning games, running games, improvising, and commentary on RPGs and their relationship to other media.

    This collection also includes two internal design documents for the GUMSHOE system, which are invaluable aids to creating GUMSHOE background settings and The Esoterrorists adventures.

    These columns are frequently funny, occasionally controversial, but always entertaining. So when you next find a See Page XX, you’ll know where to turn.

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