Authors: Rob Heinsoo

Cover Artists: Rich Longmore

Pages: 15

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Sorcerer Summoning

Flux elementals, lightning drakes, scornful undead, and diabolical burnination!

In Sorcerer Summoning, Rob Heinsoo introduces all-new spells that connect with the sorcerer’s heritage talents. Summon powerful elementals, or an undead courtier of the Lich King who unleashes both damage and withering snobbery on your enemies.

  • Wield the sorcerous heritage of the Three to call forth an electric stream of lightning drakes!
  • Summon the Diabolist’s burnout elemental, and learn the true power of spell frenzy!
  • Tap the arcane magic of the Archmage and unleash bizarre flux elementals to demolish your foes!
  • Call up the Lich King’s undead toadies, who will demonstrate in word and deed why their master is the true ruler of the Dragon Empire!

All this, plus a detailed update of the overall summoning mechanics in 13th Age.

Sorcerer Summoning is the third installment of the second 13th Age Monthly subscription. You can buy it as a stand-alone PDF, or purchase the collected Volume 2 to get all 12 issues plus the 2016 Free RPG Day adventure Swords Against the Dead!

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