Authors: Robin D. Laws

    Cover Artists: Robin D. Laws

    Pages: 96

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    The Birds Vol 1

    Pete, a not so loveable loser always ready to become a fanatic for any cause, craves the respect of his coolly abusive best friend Steve. His wife, Shirley, pursues Steve while half-heartedly plotting Pete’s demise. Her best friend, Loretta, signals her unrequited love for Pete by sending him severed raccoon heads. Eventually Steve’s Dad shows up, fresh out of prison. All of them are heavily armed.

    Finally appearing in print after providing years of appalling hilarity to readers of writer and game designer Robin D. Laws’ blog, The Birds, is a deadpan, minimalist missile aimed straight at the heart of the avian condition.

    The Birds is available to buy from the Pelgrane Press Shop.

    “I look forward, near-slavering, to those days that Robin’s blog reads ‘CLICK HERE for another installment of the Birds.’ Where most squeaky-clean comic strips are trying to channel After-School Specials, The Birds is strictly Saturday Night Special.”- John Kovalic, Dork Tower.

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