Authors: Karl Vezina

Cover Artists: Phil Stone

Interior Artists: Phil Stone

Pages: 45

Your Dead Eyes My Mirror

Chicago, 1975. The age of the grindhouse in the decaying downtown.

A group of friends attend a grindhouse showing of a controversial giallo on its closing night. A savage murder occurs during the showing, amid electrical disturbances and supernatural phenomena.

The following days bring fresh horror, as the patrons discover that they are trapped in a surreal world mirroring the horrific film they saw. And something in that surreal world is stalking them, something methodical and unrelenting. Something that makes them all watch while it kills them one by one. Can the patrons find a way to fight back before they fall victim to a faceless terror or go mad from the horrors they are forced to witness?

Your Dead Eyes My Mirror is a mini-series for Fear Itself 2nd Edition, designed to run between two and four four-hour sessions.

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