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Authors: Various

Cover Artists: Gene Ha, Shel Kahn, Pat Loboyko, Jason Morningstar

Interior Artists: Shel Kahn, Jason Morningstar

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Complete Stone Skin Press bundle

The Stone Skin Press Complete Bundle gathers all ten Stone Skin Press print books – as well as the accompanying PDF, EPUB and MOBI files – at a 45% discount from the total retail price. This includes the following titles:

  • The Lion & the Aardvark 70 writers from across the creative spectrum bring their modern sensibilities to the classic format of Aesop’s 2,500 year old fables.
  • The New Hero Volume 1 An unexpected team of writers, celebrated and emerging, deliver fourteen thrilling and distinctive variations on the iconic hero story.
  • The New Hero Volume 2 Through thirteen thrilling stories of threatened identity and vanquished disorder, a diverse cast of top writers slices, dices and recombines the limits of the form.
  • Shotguns v. Cthulhu Pulse-pounding action meets cosmic horror in this exciting collection from the rising stars of the New Cthulhuiana.
  • Schemers A genre-spanning short fiction exploration of grand schemes, Machiavellian maneuvering, and the knotty, micro-scaled twistings of the human heart.
  • The New Gothic A collection which revisits the core archetypes of the Gothic, the rambling, secret-filled building, the stranger seeking answers, the black-hearted tyrant, and reminds us not to embrace but to fear the darkness.
  • Letters to Lovecraft Like cultists poring over a forbidden tome, eighteen modern masters of horror have gathered here to engage with Lovecraft’s H. P. Lovecraft’s essay “Supernatural Horror in Literature.”
  • Gods, Memes and Monsters A fresh take on the bestiary, shedding light on how familiar beasts are coping in our modern era, as well as the newly discovered creatures that thrive in the cyber age.
  • The Forgotten Monk A high fantasy and high adventure novel, woven into a story of strong friendships, deadly hatreds, ingenious criminal mysteries and baffling affairs of the heart.
  • Swords v. Cthulhu Grab your khukuri knife, your iklwa spear, or a legendary blade and journey with us from ancient Rome to feudal Japan, from the Dreamlands to lands there are no names for in any of the tongues of men.
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