Authors: Lynne Hardy

Cover Artists: Nicole Cardiff, Kurt Taylor

Pages: 114

Fields of Silver: Adventures Beyond the Songan Sea


Adventures Beyond the Songan Sea

Abandon now your most frivolous banter and your lightning repartee, for they will only serve to mar your progress through a world no longer so colorful but more deadly dark! Difficulties you faced before are but pale shadows of the challenges that now await you. Welcome to the Dying Earth as it was originally written: hard, cruel and at the mercy of natural justice.

Fields of Silver gives somber warriors and potent magicians a chance to show their capabilities. Written for powerful, driven characters in the style of Turjan of Miir, you can solve mysteries, uncover secrets and deal with ancient evils. The adventure carries your characters right across the continent, from Almery to Erze Damath, taking in a host of wonders along the way. It pitches them against dangerous foes in their quest to put right a misdeed so great that it could shake the very foundations of a mighty city.

  • Who is responsible for the slaughter of the characters’ friends?
  • Who is the mysterious Lady and why does she need their help?
  • Even armed with heads full of spells and flickering rapiers, dare your characters face the scion of an ancient daihaki, it’s crazed acolytes and the weird magics of a former aeon?
  • With a wealth of descriptive material on the eastern lands in the original stories, the book also functions as a richly detailed sourcebook for those regions.

Turjan’s Tome is an invaluable adjunct to running Fields of Silver, which is effectively a Turjanic campaign.

Note also that the information in Fields of Silver (particularly the city of Erze Damath and travel on the Scamander River) is expanded upon greatly in the final supplement to the Footsteps of Fools series: “And Thence to Almery”.

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