Authors: Jeanry Chandler

Cover Artists: Ossi Hiekkala

Pages: 138

Primer of Practical Magic

Give your D20 magician a taste of the Dying Earth

Designed to assist exploring the Dying Earth milieu using the D20 system, there is also nonetheless a vast array of material herein that a GM could use equally as well to instead enhance any D20 fantasy game towards a more atmospheric classic Vancian/Dying Earth tone.

The Primer of Practical Magic hearkens to a time when players didn’t know all the spells in the rulebook yet, or all the monsters one could possibly encounter; a time before players argued about every rule, because they were still caught up in the mystery of the game. Toward this noble end of casting a shadow of renewed mystery over the D20 gaming experience, The Primer includes many features which the discerning gamer will appreciate.

The Primer of Practical Magic is filled with extraordinary spells, items and new powers for the magicians in your campaign. Whether you wish to spin your enemies to death with Phandaal’s Gyrator, or control them like a puppet with Clambard’s Rein of the Long Nerves, this is the libram for the discerning wizard’s library. And for those who always felt there should have been some element of danger and uncertainty to spellcasting, the Primer introduces an optional spell failure system, based on the system in the Dying Earth RPG!

The Primer contains

  • Over 100 spells of all levels and schools
  • 22 magic items including Cloud of Knives and Laccodel’s Protective Rune
  • 34 carefully wrought cantrips
  • Instructions on growing your henchmen and other creatures in a vat
  • New character classes including the fearsome diabolist
  • Rules for binding powerful but squabblesome magical creatures – sandestins

All these magical abilities find their way to the d20 system from the Dying Earth RPG, but do not required any knowledge of that background to use it.

This version includes a newly updated twenty-page codiciliary, with additional material and errata.

Using this supplement to run d20 D&D games requires use of the third edition Player’s HandbookTM by Wizards of the Coast Inc.

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