Authors: Ian Thomson

Cover Artists: Jérôme Huguenin, Dave Allsop, Carrie Walters, Sarah Wroot

Pages: 27

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The Creep of Inacurracy



A Rhialto-Level pdf adventure for the Dying Earth RPG

New arch-magicians pit their wits against a terrible curse and a worthy and mysterious foe, in an effort to impress Ildefonse’s Conclave sufficiently to gain the highly coveted Auxiliary Membership. Not just living guidance on using the Rhialto-Level rules, but a full and dangerous escapade in its own right. Arch-magician PCs face not just embarrassment, but the actual threat of annihilation!

  • You are new to chug ownership…
  • Desperate for the recognition of your self-proclaimed peers (the Conclave)…
  • Eager to illustrate your own worth (at the expense of the dignity of your fellows)…
  • and invited to a fine luncheon by the noble Perrin!

This is a complete multi-part adventure adventure designed specifically as an introduction to Rhialto-style play. This scenario caters for new arch-magicians – either upgrading your Turjanic PCs or for starting afresh.

It is partially set in Kaiin, so if you own the Kaiin Player’s Guide you can extend this scenario even more, but the Guide is not essential. Plus you WILL need Rhialto’s Book of Marvels (RBOM) to gain the most out of this adventure. An experienced DERPG GM could run this without access to RBOM (as an amusing arch-magical one-off) with some extra effort expanding incidental & magical details, but that’s not really the point of it!

Click here to download your Rhialto-Level character sheet.

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