Authors: Paolo Bongiovanni

Cover Artists: Jérôme Huguenin

Pages: 24

Six-Packed – an Esoterrorists Adventure

A fast-play adventure for The Esoterrorists

A mutilated corpse is found hanging a slaughterhouse, bullet wounds in the shoulders, elbows and knees. It looks like a terrorist punishment killing, but there are subtle clues pointing at Esoterrorist involvement…

Can you stop a terrible chain of events before the world wakes up to headlines which weaken the Membrane and let the creatures of unremitting horror pierce the Outer Black?

Six Packed is a stand-alone adventure for The Esoterrorists, designed to be played in 3-4 hours with minimal preparation. In playtest, hearts were pounding as the players raced to solve the mystery before the deadline.

Six Packed features creatures designed by Dave Allsop and developed by Adrian Bott.

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