Authors: Steve Dempsey, Peter Freeman, Lynne Hardy, M.D. Jackson, Robin D. Laws, Lizard, James Maliszewski, Paul Rhoads, Ian Thomson, Jim Webster

Cover Artists: Dave Bezzina, Jo Harrison, Ralph Horsley, Derek Stevens, Hilary Wade, Sarah Wroot

Pages: 76

The Excellent Prismatic Spray 3

The XPS series features adventures, background and words of wisdom for the Dying Earth RPG, and is indispensable to fans of the Dying Earth. The third issue includes The Gold and Amber Cabal, an adventure for aspiring mages; The Valley of the Graven Tombs, laden with ghosts and curses; and The Laughing Magician, part one of a three-part adventure series in which the characters must race up the Scaum river against stiff opposition, as well as articles by Robin D Laws and Lizard.

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