Authors: Ian Thomson

Cover Artists: Jérôme Huguenin, Andrew G. Wright, Ian Thomson, Carrie Walters, David Bezzina, Ralph Horsely

Pages: 74

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Footsteps 2: Strangers in Saskervoy


STRANGERS IN SASKERVOY (Footsteps of Fools: Part 2)

Strangers in Saskervoy follows on from All’s Fair At Azenomei, and leads into The Lords of Cil.
A bumper adventure pack, advancing Cugel-Level adventuring in new directions. Ten or more gaming sessions – across five interlinked episodes – covering the PCs’ experiences in the realm of Saskervoy after being rudely deposited on Shanglestone Strand.
Will they conquer unhappy circumstance and make a name for themselves through cunning and bold action, or will they once again end up fleeced and fleeing for their lives?
Fate will present them with ancient ruins, forgotten treasures, bizarre magic, peculiarly vicious half-men, urban escapades, and the chance to work for local notable Twango of Flutic on a number of almost insignificant errands.
This publication contains maps, illustrations, appendices, tag-lines for all sessions, GMCs, location guides, and a pair of repulsive bibelots. Could any adventurous rogue ask for more?

A mini series of hazardous adventures of dubious legality – travelling around Saskervoy in the employ of ‘Twango of Flutic’. Motivated by his promise (which at the GM’s discretion may or may not be genuine) to transport them back to Almery.

  • The gift of free foreign travel…
  • Introducing the concept of an arch-nemesis…
  • Exploring the furthest reaches of civilisation…
  • Collecting the severed sections of an ornate Overworld being…
  • Ah, Saskervoy, jewel of the north! What opportunities you present for our delight!

This could be run as a stand-alone adventure, but is intended as the second in the Footsteps of Fools epic adventure arc. Running it separately would mean that you couldn’t run the whole series for the same players.
[A detailed Guide to Saskervoy Town is available for free here, and is an invaluable adjunct to this publication. Plus a map of the Saskervoy Reach is also available for free]
It is not essential to own Turjan’s Tome in order to run the adventures in this publication, though it would be helpful. Turjan’s Tome comes into it’s own later in the series, where lack of it would mean considerable extra work.

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