Authors: Ian Thomson

Cover Artists: Ralph Horsely, Kris Herbert, Diana Probst

Interior Artists: Ian Thompson

Pages: 76

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The Exasperating Cadaver

The Exasperating Cadaver
(& sundry explorations of Kaiin Old Town)
A Cugel-Level scenario for The Dying Earth RPG

“Such flourishing prose and tangible flavor. It’s almost as if I was there!”
(Lesorix of Perne)

The bulk of this publication is ‘The Exasperating Cadaver’ scenario, wherein our rascally protagonists are hired to take a mysterious package from one part of Kaiin to another – secretly in the dead of night. Which couldn’t possibly end up in a race against time across the entire city.

This multi-part escapade heavily references The Kaiin Player’s Guide. It is designed specifically to be an introductory adventure for the Guide, and you need access to that sourcebook in order to run this!

Inside are also extra details (& floorplans) for the infamous Odkin Prospect Hotel – sufficient for it to be a potential homebase for a series of Kaiin-based scenarios.

This work closes with a whole extra section – a major appendix location guide and adventure ideas for Kaiin Old Town. Including expanded information on the horrifying Chun the Unavoidable.

The scenario that ran immediately before this one in the author’s House Campaign is now also available: On the High Road to Kaiin.

“This was a lot of fun. You were never quite sure where things were going, beyond being certain that nothing would turn out the way you expected. It all had a wonderful far-future feel, combined with a gloriously decadent and doomed aspect.”
Philipp Grawe (Grom the Intractable: Escaped Vat-Grown Bodyguard)

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