Authors: Ian Thomson

Cover Artists: Jérôme Huguenin, Andrew G. Wright, Ian Thomson, Carrie Walters, David Bezzina, Ralph Horsely

Pages: 73

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Gomoshan’s Tomb

A Turjan-Level pdf adventure for the Dying Earth RPG

Strap on your rapiers, snatch up your spell-books and hold onto your wide-brimmed hats! A renowned collector of antiquities has uncovered the location of an ancient tomb, and has hired a band of resourceful individuals to accompany him on a journey of plunder into Kaiin’s Old Town ruins.

  • Fiendish traps, demons, & arcane magics undoubtedly guard priceless magical relics and mountains of loot…
  • The Old Town itself presents the very real chance of an encounter with Chun the Unavoidable…
  • Chances are slim to non-existent that everyone will make it back alive…
  • A typical day out for a Turjan-Level adventurer!

This is a large mid-range Turjan-level adventure designed for use in isolation as an introduction to Turjan-style play, or to fit into an ongoing campaign. It contains a packed 47-page adventure, plus 26 pages of maps, illustrations, a player’s rules summary, and full notes and complete character sheets for pre-generated PCs and GMCs.

You will need Turjan’s Tome to get the most out of this product, although experienced GMs could run it as an isolated experience with some extra work. Availing yourself of the free Guide to Kaiin’s Old Town will also enhance this product.

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