Authors: Robin D. Laws

Cover Artists: Ralph Horsley, Sarah Wroot, Hilary Wade

Pages: 192

The Kaiin Player’s Guide

Explore the most decadent city in a world of decadence. 100,000 words by Robin D Laws describe 100,000 inhabitants in this innovative and highly play-tested source book.

PCs are assumed to be knowledgeable veterans of the White-Walled City, not ignorant mooncalves. No longer will the GM be the sole arbiter of adventures; players are encouraged to choose from hundreds of plot hooks and contacts to create sublime gaming sessions.

From the self-indulgent aristocrats of Odkin Prospect to Prince Khandive’s pleasure barge, the whole city is mapped out using fine words, pictures and… maps. The ideal supplement for long-term adventuring in the Dying Earth.

Free Downloads Available:
Chapter 1: How to Use This Book
Chapter 2: Canal Town & The Mud Flats
The Old Town (a bonus fan-produced extra chapter)
The Exasperating Cadaver: a Cugel-level fan-adventure designed to have PCs explore all districts of Kaiin. (And if you like this, other free adventures set in Kaiin are available on the Violet Cusps page)

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