Authors: Ian Thomson

Cover Artists: Ralph Horsley

Interior Artists: Ralph Horsley, Tim Challis, Roy Duffy, Ian Thomson

Pages: 140

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On the High Road to Kaiin

On the High Road to Kaiin (& sundry other articles of equally fine quality)

Scenarios and articles for Cugel-level The Dying Earth RPG.

Within this substantial booklet you will find:

  • A comprehensive gazetteer of Azenomei Town – its customs, inhabitants, and opportunities for misadventure and malfeasance. Followed by an accompanying piece on Pergolo: the Manse of Iucounu, including full plans and room index & contents for two floors of this extensive iconic location.
  • ‘The High Road to Kaiin’: An extensive, darkly humorous, murder-mystery. A large fully-detailed scenario, utilizing several classic Vancian concepts adapted to new circumstances. Including full-color deck-plans for a highly unusual mode of transport that would be the envy of Captain Wiskitch himself!
  • High Road leads directly into ‘A Walk in the Woods’ – a nail-biting race for survival against the inhospitable expanse of the Great Forest of Da and its varied slavering denizens. (In the author’s game series, this two-part scenario was the immediate prequel to The Exasperating Cadaver adventure.)
  • A large article on the ‘Deities of the Dying Earth’ – replete with new cantraps, spells, magic items, and suggestions for including the influence of these Overworld entities in your games. Plus, full details on the Aumoklopelastianic Cabal and Solar Emosynaries!
  • ‘Dabbling with Magic’: Detailed notes on how to practically introduce more potent magic to your Cugelesque characters as they head towards the lofty heights of Liane-Level gameplay. (Including a number of dangerously incomplete spells of ‘less than perfect utility’ likely to be learned by our unwitting rogues – and used at their peril!)
  • More ‘Cantraps’ than you can shake a stick at! Being mostly minor spell-like effects for Cugel-Level characters who aspire to learn the magical arts.
  • ‘Gilgad’s Wilderness Survival Guide’ offers numerous peculiar enchanted items, a range of cunning capacities (Tweaks) that your characters can attempt to master, and a bounty of efficacious Tag-Lines harvested from the original stories and the author’s addled perspectives.
  • An alternative ‘Exotic Weaponry of the Dying Earth’ article that was created independently of (and at the same time as) the one found in Issue 6 of the Excellent Prismatic Spray.
  • ‘The Royal Cartographers’. An introductory framework plus a full set of itineraries that turn the entire Scaum Valley Gazetteer publication into an expedition on behalf of Prince Kandive of Kaiin. The characters are employed to compile a comprehensive guide to the peoples, locations, and oddities of the lands he sees as his eastern domains. The introduction also includes a congruent in-game opportunity to reside for some weeks among the upper echelons of society in the Great Palace of Kaiin – even if your adventurers are rogues of the lowest sort!
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