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13th Sage: Swords & Serpent Demons

Part of the fun of developing adventures like Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan’s Red Crag Castle section of Book of Demons is adding monsters that complete the theme. Sometimes those missing bits turn out to be things that fill a gap in all of 13th Age, not just the one adventure. That turned out to be true for […]

13th Sage: More Uses for Montages

Montages—first introduced in our organized play adventures and later expanded on in the 13th Age Game Master’s Resource Book—can quickly advance a story while co-creating events and interactions that might contribute in surprising ways later in the session or the campaign. Here are the basics of running a montage: Start with a player who is […]

13th Sage: A New Icon Relationship Variant from the 13th Arduin Campaign

By Rob Heinsoo, with Jonathan Tweet Another 13th Age campaign, another experiment with the icon relationship dice! My previous campaign was using a riff on the way that 13th Age Glorantha handles rune narrations. This time, in a campaign I’m referring to as 13th Arduin*, I’m using an idea from Jonathan that he hasn’t gotten […]

13th Sage: Skill Checks in 13th Age

With a sly flourish on Twitter, Michael E. Shea asked how Jonathan Tweet and I ask for skill checks: Attribute? “Choose an appropriate background?” First Method There are a couple of ways to call for checks in 13th Age. Jonathan’s is simplest, and he gave it on Twitter (at @JonathanMTweet if you’re not following him […]

13th Sage: New Alternative Array Ability Scores

by Jonathan Tweet and Rob Heinsoo When creating characters in a d20-rolling RPG, some of us will always want to roll ability scores. Others hate the randomness, or the risk of rolling up a less-then-competent characters, and opt for point-buy systems. In our games, we let players choose the method they like. When we make […]

13th Sage: Lightning Elementals

Cal Moore created the lightning elemental as part of the newly published High Magic & Low Cunning: Battle Scenes for Four Icons. I tweaked the stats a bit to get them to play more like our other elementals. High Magic & Low Cunning includes stats for the 7th level version of the lighting elemental. The […]

13th Sage: Icon Riffs for the Prince of Shadows and Dwarf King

The Icon Riffs series offers inspiration for adventure design and improvisation at the table. The ideas presented aren’t numbered, because numbered lists imply a certain consistency between results. These lists are evocative rather than consistent. They’re also not thorough. This isn’t an attempt to list all the things that could be associated with the icons. There are huge numbers […]

13th Sage: Too Forceful a Salvo?

When many people give you the same feedback about your game for years, it’s got to have some truth in it. Today’s probable truth: “The combination of the wizard’s Evocation talent and the force salvo spell is broken.” Some GMs even report that the combo skews their thinking as they set up battles, since they […]

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