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Eternal Lies Campaign Play Pacing and Management Suggestions

Over on the Google+ Pelgrane Press RPGs community, Johan Lundström voiced concerns about the order in which his players would tackle the locations of Eternal Lies, our world-spanning Trail of Cthulhu campaign, and the impact that might have on plot and pacing of the campaign. Eternal Lies writer Will Hindmarch responds as follows (***CAUTION*** Contains spoilers for Eternal […]

Eternal Lies Whisper From the Vault

The Eternal Lies Limited Edition Eternal Lies is our tribute to the great epic Call of Cthulhu adventures such as Masks of Nyarlathotep and Beyond the Mountains of Madness. Eternal Lies was released at GenCon 2013, won two ENnie awards and has its own fan community and now has an alternative ending. We printed 125 […]

Eternal Lies Never Dies

It was our intention with Eternal Lies, our epic Trail of Cthulhu campaign, to create a book to be brought alive by actual play, not just a handsome shelf-filler. And so it’s proved, with an Eternal Lies Keeper’s Community on Google+, advice and historical props over on the Yog-Sothoth forum, an interactive campaign map and […]

Review of Eternal Lies by the Flames Rising blog

On the Flames Rising blog, reviewer Steven Dawes says about the epic Eternal Lies campaign: “Eternal Lies is simply the most well developed and well designed adventure book I’ve ever seen!” Steven adds, “The campaign storyline is loyal to and very worthy of the Cthulhu Mythos. The rules and organization of the book are easy […]

13th Age and Eternal Lies Nominated for Origins Awards

The Origins Award nominees for 2014 have been announced, and we’re happy to say that Pelgrane Press has products in two categories! 13th Age – Best Roleplaying Game Eternal Lies – Best Roleplaying Suplement Congratulations to all of the nominees! And if you’re attending Origins, please stop by our booth — we’d love to meet […]

Eternal Lies Makes Endzeitgeist’s Best of 2013 List

Games reviewer Endzeitgeist declared Eternal Lies the Best Non-Pathfinder RPG Adventure of 2013, in the new issue of Pathways magazine. (Download a free copy.) He says: Eternal Lies ranks as one of the best campaigns I’ve seen for any Cthulhu-system – it’s glorious and I’m not going to SPOIL the awesome premise here. Every Keeper […]

Review of Eternal Lies by the Dreams in the Lich House blog

On the Dreams in the Lich House blog, reviewer Beedo says about the epic Eternal Lies campaign: “After spending the past few weeks reading this 400 page monster, Pelgrane has far exceeded my expectations.” Beedo continues, “The overarching theme of Eternal Lies is corruption, and the adventure does a fantastic job of grinding stability and […]

Eternal Lies interactive campaign map

Rickard Gudbrand was so inspired by the image on page 123 in the Eternal Lies book (left) that he decided to do a similar thing himself, to be able to give his players during the game.  Then he realised that he’d have to update the map as the investigators travelled to different locations, and possibly […]

Eternal Lies Call of Cthulhu conversion

Andrew Nicholson has been very hard at work converting Eternal Lies for Call of Cthulhu. He’s painstakingly gone through each act and explained how to tackle the core clues contained therein, and also how to make sure your players get nicely SAN-reduced as they uncover the mysteries of the campaign. You can download a zip […]

Eternal Lies NPC picture handouts

 Rickard Gudbrand has designed another handout for his upcoming Eternal Lies campaign which he’s happy to share with everyone. This is cards for the main NPC’s of the campaign, intended to be printed, cut out and placed in suitable plastic card sleeves. As not all of the NPCs in the book have pictures, he’s used […]

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