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The Dying Earth Random Quote Generator

In the early 2000s, featured a Jack Vance Random Quote Generator. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to figure out how to incorporate a random generator into WordPress without adding new plugins – so, in lieu of that, here’s a random table of 68 Jack Vance quotes for you to play with at your leisure. […]

Dying Earth Art Gallery

The following art samples from the Dying Earth RPG originally appeared on in the mid-2000s. Front cover by Greg Staples The following artwork is by Ralph Horsley The Dying Earth — and its rules-lighter version the Revivification Folio — take you into the world of master fantasist Jack Vance, where a flashing sword is […]

Pelgrane News 1998-2000

The following news items and diary entries originally appeared on in 2000. You can find the entries for 2001-2002 here. You can find the entries for 2006-2009 here. ☀ Editor’s note: A few of these news items were not categorized by month or year – I have done my best to approximate their chronology, and have […]

Pelgrane Press Update – September 2006

The following article originally appeared on in September 2006. Updates Gomoshan’s Tomb QuickStart Rules GUMSHOE and Esoterrorists Rhialto Update Corrections and Clarifications Gomoshan’s Tomb This month brings the release of Gomoshan’s Tomb, a scenario in the well respected tradition of exploring and looting ancient ruins – though with suitably distinctive Dying Earth twist to […]

The Compendium of Universal Knowledge: Layout Sample

This short layout sample from The Compendium of Universal Knowledge originally appeared on in June 2006. For the Dying Earth roleplaying game, the Compendium includes more than two hundred adventure seeds, game statistics for eighty creatures, more than a dozen spells and cross references to all our other publications. The Compendium is also lavishly […]

Sample from the Compendium of Universal Knowledge

The following sample article from the Dying Earth RPG‘s Compendium of Universal Knowledge originally appeared on between 2004 and 2007. The Asm Canon The asm is a demon-insect cross. They are primarily black in color, humanoid with compound eyes, and with other insectoid features such as their grinding mandibles and bristling antennae. In many specimens several large […]

The Source of Sorcery

The following article on the Dying Earth RPG originally appeared on between 2004 and 2007. The Primer of Practical Magic by Jeanry Chandler Not long ago, in an interview in the Excellent Prismatic Spray magazine, Gary Gygax described the profound influence that the work of Jack Vance had upon the original design and overall feel […]

Face the Unspeakable

This article on the Dying Earth RPG originally appeared on between 2004 and 2007. Demons of the Dying Earth by Ian Thomson The publication of Turjan’s Tome marks the dawning of a new and far darker style of Dying Earth RPG play. We do not claim to replace Cugel-level play; the satisfaction of wearing a […]

“Fields of Silver” (Shades of Grey?)

This article on the Dying Earth RPG originally appeared on between 2004 and 2007. Turjan-Level Gaming and the Lands of the Near East by Lynne Hardy Abandon now your witty banter and your lightning repartee for they will only serve to mar your progress through a world no longer colourful but deadly dark for the unwary. […]

View from the Pelgrane’s Nest – November 2005

The following article for the Dying Earth RPG originally appeared on in November 2005. Push aside the detritus to see the shiny gew-gaws horded by the Pelgrane I have two things to announce, one horrifying, the other edifying. For your edification, we have relaunched the webstore after its long hiatus. Rather than leave you at the mercy […]

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