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An Automatically Sent Email About a Basement

Hey guys – Hope all is well with you in these crazy times. You haven’t heard from me for a while. I’ve had a bit of a problem lately and I’ve been trying to handle it myself without bothering anyone else. Especially you guys, since you did kind of warn me off but in my […]

Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff: Marge the Druid is Feeling Rejected

In the latest episode of their fluffy but crunchy podcast, Ken and Robin talk favorite adventures, fourth dimensional architect Claude Bragdon, dramatic scene structure, and the occult secrets of the pavlova.

The Broken Camera

A Yellow King: Paris scenario hook Laurette Clemson, a wealthy American art patron of the groups’ acquaintance, asks them to meet her at her suite in the Hotel Metropol. They find her pallid, feverish and restive. With trembling hand, she produces a photographic print of a woman with roses in her hair. Laurette engaged a […]

Manifester of the Arthropod

A Yellow King: The Wars Foe The pallid monarch reacts with unpredictable caprice when his cosmic senses tell him that someone has read a copy of The King in Yellow. Those he deems useless or puerile, he visits and destroys, for daring to touch the mind of a living god. Others he leaves to seek […]

The Dream Clown Christmas Special

A Yellow King: This is Normal Now yuletide scenario hook Ask your players to describe a Christmas party they would all attend. While there, the investigator whose Freaking Weird Moment most reminds you of this story hook makes egg-nog flavored small talk with a fellow partygoer of about the same age. A mutual flirtation might […]

Automated Hazards of the Continental War

Hazards for Yellow King: The Wars Black Star technologists working both for the Loyalists and the enemy have loosed onto the battlefield a variety of experimental automated killing machines. Although they promise their superiors that the devices distinguish between friend and foe, experienced soldiers understand otherwise. They flee from devices bearing their own nation’s markings […]

Internal Memo Regarding a Fugitive Gargoyle

A handout for The Yellow King: Aftermath Hello Irvin and Tasha – Just a quick memo to put into writing my concerns as expressed in our recent meeting. I believe it is a mistake to deprioritize nonhuman persons of interest as we assemble our investigative list for the Commission. I grant the considerable practical considerations […]

Jonas Cromer

A foe for The Yellow King: Aftermath A decade ago longtime mob enforcer Jonas Cromer took advantage of his boss’ connections to the Castaigne regime to wangle a spot in an experimental supersoldier program. Most of the test subjects died while undergoing treatment. Others suffered fatal or debilitating aneurysms over the subsequent months and years. […]

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