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31 Nights of Dractober: Drácula (1931)

Drácula (1931) Director: George Melford Dracula: Carlos Vallarías Once silent films went the way of the stereopticon, Hollywood studios had to make foreign-language films for foreign markets. In 1930, while filming the Tod Browning/Bela Lugosi Dracula we’ll get to later, Universal hired (non-Spanish-speaker) George Melford to shoot a Spanish-language Drácula simultaneously on the same sets as […]

31 Nights of Dractober: Count Dracula (1970)

Count Dracula (1970) Director: Jesús Franco Dracula: Christopher Lee In between refusals to ever wear the cape again for Hammer and wearing the cape again for Hammer, Christopher Lee occasionally tried to get other studios’ adaptations of Dracula off the ground. Often, like Lucy (Van Pelt not Westenra) pulling away the scarlet, dripping football he […]

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