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31 Nights of Dractober: Count Dracula (1977)

Count Dracula (1977) Director: Philip Saville Dracula: Louis Jourdan Generally (and correctly) hailed as the most textually accurate of the major Dracula adaptations, this BBC TV production has the advantage of time (three TV episodes, 160 minutes) to stretch out in. Every character has a recognizable motive and occasionally even an arc, and the human […]

31 Nights of Dractober: Dracula (1938)

Dracula (1938) Director: Orson Welles Dracula: Orson Welles This premiere performance of Welles’ Mercury Theatre on the Air came about thanks to a re-release of the Browning/Lugosi Dracula in 1938. Seeing a seven-year-old film smash box office records, Welles rushed into writer John Houseman’s hotel room with only three days to go before their debut and […]

31 Nights of Dractober: Drakula Istanbul’da (1953)

Drakula Istanbul’da (1953) Director: Mehmet Muhtar Dracula: Atif Kaptan The first direct identification of Bram Stoker’s Dracula with Vlad the Impaler came (unsurprisingly, in retrospect) from the Turks, who after all were on the receiving end of Vlad’s hobby. In 1928, Ali Riza Seyfi wrote a novel called Kazikli Voyvoda, or Impaler Voivode, xeroxing Stoker’s novel with […]

The Plain People of Gaming: Filings from Edom

The upcoming Edom Files, yet another part of the I-can-justifiably-use-the-word-epic-at-this-point epic Dracula Dossier series, is an anthology of eight missions, ranging from 1877’s Stoker: First Blood to the present-day Harker Intrusion . These missions can be used as one-shots with or without reference to the larger Dossier series, or as Flashbacks within a regular Dossier campaign, or – for the truly heroic – as part […]

31 Nights of Dractober: Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970)

Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970) Director: Peter Sasdy Dracula: Christopher Lee For reasons unknown to me, film critics enjoy belittling the later Hammer Dracula series. While it’s true that no later Hammer film approaches the artistic or emotional impact of Fisher’s 1958 original, it’s also true that by expanding their “Dracula Mythos” (and by […]

31 Nights of Dractober: Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1973)

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1973) Director: Dan Curtis Dracula: Jack Palance If you had always wondered where that trope of “Dracula falls in love with Mina because she resembles his centuries-dead true love” came from, well, it came from two places. First, it comes from The Mummy (Karl Freund, 1932), but Dan Curtis moved it from mummies […]

31 Nights of Dractober: Drácula (1931)

Drácula (1931) Director: George Melford Dracula: Carlos Vallarías Once silent films went the way of the stereopticon, Hollywood studios had to make foreign-language films for foreign markets. In 1930, while filming the Tod Browning/Bela Lugosi Dracula we’ll get to later, Universal hired (non-Spanish-speaker) George Melford to shoot a Spanish-language Drácula simultaneously on the same sets as […]

31 Nights of Dractober: Count Dracula (1970)

Count Dracula (1970) Director: Jesús Franco Dracula: Christopher Lee In between refusals to ever wear the cape again for Hammer and wearing the cape again for Hammer, Christopher Lee occasionally tried to get other studios’ adaptations of Dracula off the ground. Often, like Lucy (Van Pelt not Westenra) pulling away the scarlet, dripping football he […]

The Thrill of Dracula

In THE THRILL OF DRACULA, Kenneth Hite takes apart Dracula — the novel, the movies, the myth, even the history — into his component pieces: characters, tropes, symbols, story beats, effects. With those pieces, Ken shows you how to build new yet mythic stories about the King of the Vampires or about your own creatures […]

The Edom Files

Eight desperate missions against the Un-Dead! From the mountains of Bulgaria to the streets of Berlin From the Russo-Turkish war to the War on Terror From 1877 to the present day  For the Dead Travel Fast Operation Edom is the top-secret section of MI6 dedicated to thwarting and, ultimately, controlling the Un-Dead. Open the Edom […]

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