Laying the groundwork

Just to let people know that we are currently in the preparation phase of the Eternal Lies Suite project.

This means that right now we’re focusing on a variety of tasks: –

  • Developing themes for the suite
  • Dividing up the various tracks amongst the group
  • Building a suitable orchestral template within the sequencer software

For the most we’re focusing on a fairly traditional ‘film orchestra’ sound, particularly focusing on the kind of sound used in the 1930s. We had considered using more of an old fashioned sound for the final mix but we have decided against it. The style of arrangements and melodies will have the appropriate sound but we’ll use a more modern mix.

We will also be using elements of non-orchestral music including both folk instruments and sound design elements. I hope to be able to give more definite examples of what we’re using in a later post.


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