Dragonmeet 2011

Dragonmeet 2011 is on the 26th November (this Saturday!) at Kensington Town Hall. You can find map here. Pelgrane Press and our sister company ProFantasy Software are long-time sponsers of the one day convention. We will be in our usual spot to the right as you enter the Great Hall. We have some great stuff lined up for you so come and visit the stand.


Green Room – 15:30 – 16:30

Ken and Robin and Simon Talk About Stuff
Game gurus Kenneth Hite and Robin D. Laws are back, with Pelgrane Press publisher Simon Rogers in tow, to field your questions about interstellar threats, vampire spymasters, iron age drama, and the efficacy of shotguns vs. Cthulhu. Use your investigative abilities to interrogate them on Night’s Black Agents, Hillfolk, and their imminent podcast. This once in a lifetime opportunity comes but once a year!


Title: Fear in a Handful of Dust

System: Trail of Cthulhu

GM Name: Matthew Sanderson

Description: April 1935. Northern Texas. The Dust Bowl. A string of exotic artifacts have been appearing on the market. When an antique dealer turns up having met a gruesome end, it appears someone is determined to keep the origins of these items a secret. The police call in experts from the University of Texas to uncover what they can about these artifacts, but they aren’t the only ones following the trail of evidence. As the dust storms grow on the horizon, an ancient and malevolent force is about to move into the light…

We will also be running demos throughout the day.

New Releases

  • Night’s Black Agents Exclusive Dragonmeet Edition – this is a limited edition print of the [REDACTED] Edition of Night’s Black Agents, Ken Hite’s new vampire/spy thriller. It is only available at Dragonmeet.
  • Invasive Procedures, a truly horrific Fear Itself scenario from Gareth Hanrahan with Trail of Cthulhu conversion rules.
  • Lorefinder, also from Gareth Hanrahan, this is the first of (we hope) many GUMSHOE system mash ups. Lorefinder merges the GUMSHOE system with the Pathfinder roleplaying game.
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