13th Age at Norwescon 35

NorwesconJonathan Tweet, co-designer of 13th Age, will be at Norwescon in Seattle, WA this weekend — and he might reveal a thing or two about the game.

(Okay, he will definitely reveal a thing or two about the game. He’s been dying to talk about it for weeks.)

He’ll also have a limited number of 13th Age postcards to give away at the con. Here’s where you can find him:

Saturday Noon Cascade 8
Ask the Gamemasters
Has your current campaign taken reached a dead end? Not sure how to keep your players happy? Have a problem player that you need to deal with? Want to add some house rules to your game, but unsure how to make them work? Come to this panel with questions about your RPG campaign.
Erik Mona (M), Jonathan Tweet, Scott Gable, Jason Bulmahn

Saturday 3 pm Evergreen 3&4
Building a Better Campaign Setting
What makes a good campaign setting? What elements in the world or universe of the campaign make it stand out above all others? What does it take to make a Forgottten Realms, or a Planescape, or a Golarion? Join our gaming panelists in discussing how to design a truly engaging and memorable game setting.
Wolfgang Baur (M), Logan Bonner, Bruce R Cordell, Jonathan Tweet

Saturday 8 pm Cascade 8
Crunch vs. Fluff: FIGHT!
Gaming, especially role-playing games, has essentially two elements. The “crunch” is the rules that define the game system, and dictate how to simulate real-world actions. The “fluff” is the fiction that gives the game its setting, and aids in the players role-playing within that setting. Not surprisingly, gamers are often divided as to which element is most important…and those divisions can be strong! Our gaming panelists engage in a civil discussion on realism vs. role-playing, rules-heavy war games vs. rules-light/theatre-based games.
Robert J. Schwalb (M), Dustin J Gross, Wolfgang Baur, Jonathan Tweet, Monte Cook

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