The Birds Volume 2

They’re back, pistols reloaded, in all their smudged and deadpan glory! Pete, aggressively passive and always ready to embrace new fanaticism. Shirley, his beloved wife, except when she’s trying to poison him. Steve, his best friend, except when he’s shooting him. Loretta, his best stalker. And Steve’s Dad, who is very wrinkly and owns many grenades.

There Goes My Dream Job takes the feathered anti-heroes of Robin D. Laws’ webcomic through their second print collection of life, love, mordancy and irresponsible handgun use. The second volume of The Birds includes a foreword from 13th Age designer Jonathan Tweet and guest strips from Dork Tower’s own John Kovalic.

“In The Birds, Robin D. Laws distills his insights into the human predicament down to a hilarious comic strip. It’s all about sex, death, family, lies, and popular culture – doled out in carefully measured doses” – Jonathan Tweet, from his Foreword.

The Birds Volume 2 is available to buy from the Pelgrane Press Shop.


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