13 True Ways – Paint The Town Round 1 Winner: Drakkenhall!

13th Age - Paint The Town Round One resultsOne of the big stretch goals we reached during the Kickstarter for 13 True Ways, the first 13th Age expansion, was Paint The Town. It goes like this: backers get to vote on which major city in the Dragon Empire gets a detailed section in the book that includes at least one full two-page map of a section of the city, and some of the coolest places that PCs might visit.

In a second round of voting, they choose another city to get the same treatment. Voting concludes with the I Hate This Town poll, where backers choose which city gets a slanderous in-world write-up from Kullis the Cynic and a one page map detailing the city’s gameable lowlights.

Well, round one of voting is complete, and the winner is…Drakkenhall! The ruined city of monsters, ruled by the Three, will get the Paint This Town treatment from Rob Heinsoo, Jonathan Tweet, Lee Moyer and Aaron McConnell.

We’re about to start the second round of voting, so stay tuned for news of the second winner. If you haven’t yet pre-ordered 13th Age, we suggest you hurry — pre-orders will close soon.

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