Pipeweed, But No Pipes?

Magritte's The Treachery of ImagesOver in the 13th Age community on Google+ Pavel Berlin noticed that the game’s (highly quirky) equipment list includes pipeweed, but not pipes. There had to be a perfectly logical explanation, and here are some offered in the comments:

Brian Rodriguez: Maybe it lists rolling papyrus?

Radaghast Kary: Magritte/Matrix crossover: There is no pipe.

Daniel Splitter: The pipe is assumed.

Ash Law: The pipe must be carved from a kobold skull.

Casey Garske: Proper pipes are carved from owlbear ivory.

Jared Rascher: The Dragon Emperor made pipeweed paraphanalia illegal after an unfortunate incident with the Archmage and invisible clothes.

Feel free to join the discussion and add to the Dragon Empire’s pipeweed lore, or leave a comment on this post.

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