Icon Dice Rings Update

13th Age Dice RingsWe’ve just received the prototype images of the 13th Age icon ring. You’ll be able to use it to randomly determine which of the game’s 13 icons is involved in a  particular scene — or perhaps pulling the strings in secret.

Dice Rings certainly outdid themselves with the final product and we couldn’t wait to share it with you! We’ll let the image speak for itself.

If you backed the 13 True Ways expansion Kickstarter at $300 or more, you’re getting a gold icon ring along with your other rewards. You can also get a gold ring with the one of the one hundred limited edition 13th Age core books we’ll be releasing.

We’ll be putting the black icon rings up for sale in the Pelgrane shop soon!

Note that all rings will be size 10 only.

The other two rings are prototypes, and won’t be part of the run. Sorry, blue ring fans.

So! Are you as excited about the 13th Age icon dice ring as we are? Let us know in this scientific survey.

We’ll have another status report on the rings as things progress!

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