Pre-Order 13th Age From Your Retailer: You Get The PDF, They Get a Discount

13th Age banners at Norwescon

13th Age is almost here, and seeing the rate of pre-sales we strongly recommend you reserve your copy now.

You can order the game directly from us, or pre-order 13th Age at your favorite game shop and still get the finished PDF from us that same day. Your retailer also gets a discount if they pre-order copies, so you’re doing them a double favor.

How to order 13th Age from your retailer and get the PDF now:

  • If you retailer is a member of the Bits and Mortar program, place a pre-order with them and they’ll give you a code to download the PDF.
  • If your retailer is not a Bits and Mortar store, email a scanned image or a legible photo of your receipt to Cat Tobin at, and we’ll send you a link to the PDF.

Retailers only order games if they think their customers will buy them.  So if you want your local to stock 13th Age, let them know there’s demand out there!

You can also show your local shop that 13th Age is a Good Thing for them to carry by offering to run a game there — we’re happy to offer you our support. (Just ask the nice folks at Fair Game in Illinois.) Email to let us know when and where you’re running. We can send you flyers, postcards and maybe some other fun stuff!

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