13th Age at PAX Prime 2013 – Onsite And Online

13th Age banners at Norwescon

Are you going to PAX Prime in Seattle? Hey, us too! Here’s a roundup of all things 13th Age:

Play 13th Age – 13 awesome GMs will run 13th Age at Indie RPGs on Demand, Washington State Convention Center Room #305/306, with games starting every hour. We’ll also have Very Special Guest GMs, and never-before-seen monsters from the 13th Age Bestiary.

  • Friday, 10AM-7PM – Guest GM: Rob Heinsoo, all day.
  • Saturday, 10AM-7PM  – Guest GM: KISW’s The Rev. En Fuego, 3PM-7PM
  • Sunday, 10AM-7PM – Guest GM: EA BioWare’s Patrick Weekes, Noon-4PM
  • Monday, 10AM-4PM

Buy 13th Age – Gamma Ray Games is in the same room as Indie RPGs on Demand, and has stacks of 13th Age books to sell. Get your copy at PAX!

Get a 13th Age poster map, art print or original sketch from artist Aaron McConnell – Aaron will be at the 13th Age table, WSCC level 2 on Saturday and Sunday, 2PM-4PM. His wares include:

  • 11×14 prints of icons and other 13th Age art ($20)
  • High-quality 18×24 map posters ($40)
  • Custom 11×14 sketches ($50)

Not at PAX? Play online with Aaron R. on Saturday at 9PM EST – We’re happy to announce that Aaron (aka WolfSamurai and Phelanar) has joined the 13th Age team as our official Online Organized Play GM. Aaron runs an award-winning online 13th Age campaign and demoed the game for Erik Kain at Forbes magazine. He’ll be running a one-shot on Saturday for those of you who aren’t at PAX. Contact him on Twitter or Google+ for details.

Ask us questions – We have a table at WSCC level 2, where friendly and helpful people from Fire Opal Media will happily talk to you about the game. Look for the banners with the Diabolist and Archmage on them.

Play Night’s Black Agents – Want to take a break from 13th Age and play a Pelgrane Press game where you kill vampires and do cool spy stuff? Peter Darley is GMing this awesome RPG by Kenneth Hite at Indie RPGs on Demand:

  • Friday, 1PM-6PM
  • Saturday, 11AM-4PM and 5PM-10PM
  • Sunday, 1PM-6PM

We hope to see you there!


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