Kudos for the 13th Age SRD

When we released the system resource document for 13th Age, containing all the open content from the 13th Age RPG, it was a big deal for us. An SRD meant that all the pent-up eagerness for third-party and fan projects compatible with 13th Age would finally be unleashed…or nobody would care, or they’d tell us that we’d gotten it horribly wrong.

Thankfully the release of the SRD turned out to be as well-received as we’d hoped. We’ve already seen a really nice power deck for the wizard class, which we’re going to share on the Resources page once the layout is finished. And designer David Flor announced that he’s making a new post-apocalyptic RPG using the Archmage Engine. (He also created a hi-res version of the Archmage Engine logo in a variety of formats which you can download at that link.)

Here are some of the kind words people have had for the SRD:

Jonathan Bolding (Features Editor, Escapist Magazine): “A huge applause for the @13thAge guys, for releasing so much of their excellent rules set as open game material.”

Quinn Murphy (Thoughtcrime Games): “looking over the @13thAge SRD. We could see a new open gaming renaissance between that and Fate.”

Cam Banks (Atlas Games): “That is how it is done, folks. That’s how it’s done.”

Rob Donoghue (Evil Hat Productions): “Holy crap – first glance reveals that the @13thAge guys did not skimp on the open content!!! Hooray!!! It’s like Christmas! They stripped out setting specific stuff (their icons, their world) but kept in the actual Icon rules. Seriously. This is best.

“The fear had been that the SRD might end up being skimpy, or skip a lot of the new and interesting things that made 13th Age so cool, but it turns out there was nothing to worry about. The SRD for “The Archmage Engine System” is everything you could want it to be – the rules from 13th Age stripped of all setting material. This includes the Icons (which required watering down the Sorcerer’s color text a little, but that’s fine) but it still leaves in all the rules for Icons and relationships, which is where the real gold can be found. I am very seriously excited about this.”

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