You Go Five Yards and All of Human Existence is Revealed: A Review of Looking Glass: Mumbai

Mumbai_cover_400Over on RPG Geek, Paul Baldowski has read through the latest edition of Ken Writes About Stuff, Looking Glass: Mumbai. He describes how “Rather like getting someone else to read Rough Guide or Lonely Planet on Mumbai, and then digesting the executive summary. Looking Glass: Mumbai boiled a fascinating city down to a thick lightly seasoned sauce and allows you to apply the resulting condiment however you see fit.”

He goes on to point out that “Sometimes, it’s good to have someone else do the legwork for you in finding somewhere interesting and potentially exciting to run your next adventure.”

We completely agree, Paul, which is why we got Ken to Write About Stuff in the first place. ;)

He concludes that Looking Glass: Mumbai is “A brief and very focussed taster of a complex and vast city with potential to be used in innumerable games, not just Gumshoe-powered ones.”

You can read Paul’s complete review over on RPG Geek here.

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