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Production is steaming along on the Dracula Dossier. Backers have just got “The Draculas Dossier”, Robin’s Esoterrorist campaign frame, and both the Edom Field Manual and the Edom Files are nearing final text completion. Plus, the deck of NPC cards in layout (ask your retailer to pre-order if you want a set!), and Ken is kicking off 31 DAYS OF DRACTOBER today, as he works his way through the good, the bad, and the ugly vampire films in preparation for writing The Thrill of Dracula.

And new this month, we’ve got September edition of KWAS, Hideous Creatures: Hunting Horror, now available in the webstore, as is the September edition of 13th Age Monthly, Kroma Draconics. KWAS Vol. 3 subscribers now have the October edition, MAJESTIC Overwatch on their order receipt pages – this will be available to non-subscribers at the end of October.

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