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Hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas, and are all set for New Year’s Eve and a shiny new year in 2016! We’ve had a busy month, between our Pelgranista get-together at Dragonmeet in London, and soft launching our new look webstore, which is the first part of our website redesign. The new store design has given us the space to sell individual Series Pitches for the DramaSystem, as well as all the back issues of Ken Writes About Stuff, and over the coming months we’ll be updating it with new bundles and special offers.

To get the new store up and running with a bang, we’ve got two new releases to get it going – Seven Wonders, our much-discussed anthology of story games by up-and-coming UK-based designers, and the PDF of the Hawkins Papers, the extensive handout collection for the Dracula Dossier. We’ve got bumper collections of the subscription products, too, with the November and December editions of KWAS, Galileo Uplift and Las Vegas: 1968, and the November and December editions of 13th Age Monthly, The Waking Stones and Home BasesKWAS Vol. 3 subscribers now have the December edition, Alchemy, on their order receipt pages – this will be available to non-subscribers at the end of January.

New Releases

      • Seven Wonders – an anthology of one-shot story games, which introduces the next generation of UK games designers
      • The Hawkins Papers – a PDF collection of maps, newspaper clippings, photos, and documents for the Dracula Dossier
      • Galileo Uplift – Tech and gear for your high-powered MOON DUST MEN game, powered by a new GUMSHOE “tech tree” subystem
      • Las Vegas: 1968 – Sin City in its heyday, with happening hooks for vampire conspiracies, esoterrorism, and THE FALL OF DELTA GREEN Mythos machinations
      • The Waking Stones – a full 13th Age Bestiary-style writeup  of an ancient stone race, reawakening in the 13th age
      • Home Bases – new mechanics for 13th Age PCs to create their own castle, tavern, or sacred grove to call home and build stories around


13th Age

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