Download Free 13th Age Battles From High Magic & Low Cunning

High Magic Low Cunning cover thumbnailHigh Magic & Low Cunning: Battle Scenes for Five Icons is available to pre-order, and it’s pretty great! But you don’t have to take my word for it: Check out these free previews of Rafting Razoredge Gorge, a low-level adventure featuring a journey through perilous waters to ambush an orcish camp.

Battle 1: Catch of the Day (download the PDF)

You’ve got the hang of navigating the “raft” you’re using to travel through Razoredge Gorge. You’ve been in the gorge for an hour now, seeing only the sharp-edged canyon walls that give the place its name. But things are too quiet.

Battle 2: Zip-Lines and Wardrums (download the PDF)

Featured on Six Feats Under

The river begins to pick up speed as the gorge narrows around you. The sharp, rocky cliffs are riddled with small caves and low bushes that could hide almost anything. Higher up the canyon walls, you see a ridge of large pine trees, some of which have fallen into the gorge and wedged. As you go under one large trunk, you see a rope extending away from it downstream to another similar log. That’s when the drumming starts.

Battle 3: Razoredge Orc Camp  (download the PDF)

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The steep canyon walls of the gorge seem to be behind you now as the river begins to slow and the cliffs flatten out. As you pass around a tight bend, the current spins you into calm water formed by a long sandbar and the raft hangs up on some bushes in the shallows. That would be fine, except for the surprised-looking orcs fishing in the shallows, and a full orc camp spread out behind them on a sandy tree-filled beach. With howls to the rest of their tribe, they lift their spears toward you.


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