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March is here, and with it comes spring (hooray!), an occasional glimpse of sunshine, and a host of Pelgranista birthdays, with Gareth, Cat, and Rob Heinsoo all celebrating another spin around the sun this month (congrats!). This month, we’re releasing the Night’s Black Agents PDF adventure The Dubai Reckoning (which includes the EPUB and MOBI). The third installment of the 13th Age Monthly subscriptionSorcerer Summoning, is now available in the store and on subscriber bookshelves. KWAS subscribers now have the exclusive bonus edition, Foul Congeries 3, featuring the lesser spotted Gaseous Wraith, Raktajihva, and Y’m-bhi, available to download from their bookshelf; the March edition,  Unspeakable Cults: The Starry Wisdom, is now on sale in the store. Sadly, this will be the last Ken Writes About Stuff for a while, while Ken focuses on Writing Stuff about the Fall of Delta Green.

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