Friday the 13th Age: The Diabolist Attacks!

Diabolist BannerMay 13 is the only Friday the 13th in 2016, and the Diabolist is performing one of her biggest demon-summoning rituals yet! We’re getting reports of hellholes opening across the Dragon Empire. Strange things are emerging from them, and reality is warping in startling ways.


Hellhole #1

A whirling tornado of cursed coins.

Hellhole #2

A massive stone temple hung with the Diabolist’s banners, where sinister hooded figures stand waiting to enter the 13th Age.

  • Effect: If 13 people subscribe to 13th Age Monthly before the end of May, ALL subscribers will get early access to the new Demonologist class playtest document by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan and Rob Heinsoo.

Hellhole #3

An abyssal armory whose walls are lined with tempting weapons, armor, and wondrous items that bear the Diabolist’s mark.

Hellhole #4

A mad, arcane realm where the demonic, the divine, and the elemental clash! 

  • Effect: Download Summoning Spells from 13th Age Monthly Year One, with demon and elemental summoning spells for wizards, archon summoning spells for clerics, stats for all those summoned creatures, and a new demon type: the laughing demon.

Hellhole #5

Not a place of demonic chaos, but devilish law!

Hellhole #6

This hellhole leads to a brooding, Gothic sublevel of a living dungeon, where excruciatingly polite demons guard the marble doors.

Hellhole #7

The scout sent to look into this hellhole staggered back and fell to the ground with a dirk between his shoulder blades.


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