Time War: Evil Pelgrane Attacks!

Evil Pelgrane Logo - WhiteThe TimeWatch Roleplaying Game is now available to pre-order! But this happy occasion is threatened, as sinister forces from a dark timeline launch an attack on our reality. TimeWatch needs brave recruits to help defend it!

Vote in the survey below to strike a blow for either side. But remember: your vote has the power to change our future, by altering an upcoming TimeWatch RPG release – the GM Screen and Resource Book!

A Shocking Foe

We are locked in a life or death struggle against…ourselves. Our enemy is Evil Pelgrane.

These vile miscreants hail from an alternate timeline in which the entire run of the TimeWatch RPG was washed overboard during shipping. This catastrophe sent Simon and Cat over the edge into bottomless rage and nihilism, and Pelgrane Press became the most evil games company in the world. Now, the ruthless* Evil Pelgrane works to undermine our timeline and ensure that their terrifying future comes to pass!

You can spot our mirror universe doppelgangers by their jet-black goatees and bizarre behavior. If you see Simon smashing sastumas with a hammer, Cat pouring coffee down the sink while disparaging LARPing, Kevin disparaging barbecue or complaining about his dog allergy, or Wade making the dark arts of spin even darker, you are very likely in the presence of an Evil Pelgranista.

(They also tag their Tweets with #evilpelgrane, which is rather less than cunning.)


Choose Your Side

If Good Pelgrane gets the most votes, the upcoming TimeWatch GM’s Resource Book will include an adventure seed and illustration featuring TimeWatch members battling robot pirates

If Evil Pelgrane wins the most votes, the Resource Book will include a Time Crime heist, raiding a Spanish treasure ship

The war will rage (and pre-orders last) until September 21st, when the survey closes. Join the battle to determine whether Pelgrane Press or their counterparts at Evil Pelgrane prevail!

Which version of Pelgrane Press do you support?

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*Technically not ruthless, because they have an Evil Ruth.

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