Time War Concludes: Evil Pelgrane Triumphant!

The TimeWatch Roleplaying Game pre-order is still on—but the war for this reality has ended.

Evil Pelgrane, our mirror-universe doppelgangers from an alternate timeline, invaded our timeline and wreaked havoc: hijacking our Twitter accounts, delivering bad GUMSHOE advice, and stealing precious items from other RPG settings. You joined the fight, casting your votes for Good Pelgrane or Evil Pelgrane. The result: evil wins!


Because Evil Pelgrane won the voting, the TimeWatch Resource Book will include a Time Crime heist, raiding a Spanish treasure ship.

After winning the war, Evil Pelgrane moved on to wreak mayhem elsewhere. Good riddance! We did rather like their version of our logo, however; so we removed its evil goatee and glaring eyes, and will be using it from now on. Behold the new Pelgrane Press logo:

Pelgrane Press logo

Thanks to everyone who joined the battle! We’re fine with the outcome, to be honest. The Time Crime heist will be tremendously fun, and we’re relieved that Evil Pelgrane is gone, never to be seen again…



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