Who Would You One-2-One With Over The Holidays, Wade Rockett?

confidential2Cthulhu Confidential, the flagship title for GUMSHOE One-2-One, is now available for pre-order! GUMSHOE One-2-One is designed for two players: a GM and a player who takes the role of a solo investigator, solving Mythos mysteries. In Cthulhu Confidential our PCs are hard-boiled shamus Dex Raymond, investigative journalist Vivian Sinclair, and private eye Langston Montgomery Wright.

We asked the Pelgranistas—as well as some friends of Pelgrane—which fictional characters they’d most like to have a GUMSHOE One-2-One mystery adventure with. We’ll share their answers over the next 12 days, starting with Wade Rockett’s choice:

Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley

Running CTHULHU CONFIDENTIAL for RipleyWhen the starship Nostromo received what appeared to be a distress signal from a nearby planetoid, it set in motion a nightmarish series of deep space encounters between humans and a mysterious, predatory alien race. Through them all, Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley is a formidable investigator and fighter—whether she’s making life-and-death command decisions, interrogating a homicidal android, or lighting up aliens with a flamethrower.

In his essay arguing that Ellen Ripley is the best female character in SF film, author John Scalzi describes her as “pushy, aggressive, rude, injured, suffering from post-traumatic syndrome, not wearing makeup, tired, smart, maternal, angry, empathetic, and determined to save others, even at great cost to herself.”

Alien mixed noir and Lovecraftian themes remarkably well, so it’s not an stretch to imagine how great a PC Ripley would make in similar adventures: investigating alien artifacts on strange worlds, navigating sinister corporate machinations, and desperately fighting to survive in the dark between the stars.

Preorder Cthulhu Confidential at the Pelgrane webstore, and get the PDF plus a preview of the first Dex Raymond adventure, straight away!


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