13th Sage: Day of the Black Pudding

Shards of the Broken Sky has more oozes than you can hold in just one dungeon. Stirring the ooze-pot, I realized that the original black pudding from page 240 of the 13th Age core rulebook is one of the worst-designed monsters in the game. Not if you’ve been playing 13th Age. No, if you’ve been a player, the black pudding has been your secret best friend, a huge 9th level wrecker that deals damage like a spilled pudding cup.

I didn’t add the revised black pudding into Shards, instead I put in a lower level version, saving the updated 9th level monster for today. Accompanying the stats, another great cardboard miniature from Rich Burlew’s A Monster for Every Season: Winter pack.


Black Pudding

Sadly, the curse the Archmage had inflicted on these creatures has just worn off.


9th level wrecker [ooze]

Initiative: +8


Acid-drenched pseudopod +14 v PD (up to 4 attacks, each against a different nearby enemy)—60 acid damage, and 15 ongoing acid damage.

Miss: 20 damage, and 5 ongoing acid damage


Climber: A black pudding sticks to ceilings and walls when it wishes, sliding along as easily as on the floor.

Slippery: The pudding has resist weapons 12+.

Flows where it likes: The ooze is immune to opportunity attacks.

Ooze: The ooze is immune to effects. When an attack applies a condition to an ooze (dazed, hampered, weakened, ongoing damage, etc.), that condition doesn’t affect it.


AC 23

PD 20      HP 470

MD 19

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