View From the Pelgrane’s Nest – October 2019

I’m just back from the wilds of London’s Alexandra Palace, where Becky and I, ably assisted by knowledgeable Pelgrane playtester CJ Romer, ran the Pelgrane booth at the second ever Tabletop Gaming Live. The venue itself is lovely, and the staff were really friendly and helpful. It was mostly boardgames-focused, with very few RPG companies – I didn’t do a full tour of the hall, but I only spotted our good friends over at the UK Indie RPG League, and our Cthulhoid masters at Chaosium, who were running demo games.

NEW! Night’s Black Agents: Solo Ops PDF

New out this month is the PDF for the second GUMSHOE One-2-One game, Night’s Black Agents: Solo Ops. All you need is one Director, and one player, to get your fix of high-octane NBA action. Play burned MI6 agent Leyla Khan, who – over the course of three full adventures – must escape from the vampiric conspiracy who’ve trapped her in their thrall, and track down and destroys her former masters before they recapture her.

NEW! Night’s Black Agents Director’s Screen and Resource Guide PDF

The Night’s Black Agents Director’s Screen is our first four-panel GM screen. The accompanying Resource Guide is stuffed full of useful advice and new features for your NBA game, like initiations (vignettes describing how an Agent got baptized into the secret world of vampires), new monsters, a dozen mid-ranking NPCs that can be dropped into any conspiracy, how to deal with complicated action sequences like fights and chases, story elements that show up in many Night’s Black Agents scenarios like trailing a suspect, meeting a source, or blowing things up, Mission Skeletons, which describe the nine basic Night’s Black Agents missions and explain how to build or improvise stories around each of them, and a selection of modern-day locations, complete with suggested clues or combat options.

Work in progress update: Book of the Underworld

Gareth’s finished the writing on Book of the Underworld, and has handed over the manuscript to developers Rob Heinsoo and J-M deFoggi, who have dived into it and are working hard to get it to the copyeditor as quickly as they can. Rich Longmore and Lee Moyer are working on the cover – Lee will be painting Rich’s linework. We should be able to show you that during the month. Rob and J-M are starting to commission the interior art later this week, too.

Work in progress update: The Borellus Connection

Gareth’s hacking work on The Borellus Connection is now finished, and we’ve handed it over to Arc Dream for approval. We’ll be posting all the bits cuts out as a series of See Page XX articles titled “FINEST EFFECTS” over the coming months. Be warned, though, that these will all be for the Handler’s Eyes Only! This month’s article is a useful timeline for the Handler.

Work in progress update: Born Robot

Kate Bullock has been making good progress on Born Robot, and now has three out of the five main book sections finished. This covers almost all of the robot world setting design, and she’s now jumping into the GM-focused chapter.

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