Pay What You Want for Free (RPG Day) adventures

Over the years, we’ve released a number of one-shot adventures for our systems during Free RPG Day, and we often get messages asking us for the PDFs. As we know everyone’s looking for more gaming opportunities at the moment, we’ve collected them all here, now.

All we ask is that if you download, run and enjoy these adventures, you consider making a donation to Doctors Without Borders, to assist in their efforts to fight the coronavirus COVID-19.

Donate to Doctors Without Borders


4 thoughts on “Pay What You Want for Free (RPG Day) adventures

  1. Jason Kraus says:

    Hi, Pelgrane Team. “2019: The Doors to Heaven (The Yellow King RPG) and Assault on the Dungeon of the Pogonomancer! (13th Age)” link does not work.

  2. albertgiralt73 says:

    Dear friends at Pelgrane,

    I miss the entries for the years 2020 to 2022. Maybe 2020 was a weird year, but I am pretty sure you did release something on 2021. And likely 2022, too, but I am not sure about that one.

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