Adventure: Sartorial Reference


This short adventure for the Dying Earth RPG originally appeared on in June 2004.

by Steve Dempsey

Master Wilbon Sar, a member of the Scholasticarium, teaches XIIth Aeon Custom.

Wilbon dresses in typical style of that period, that is to say cumbersome robes that splay out into a calf length skirt. They are highly pretentiously decorated and definitely impractical for anyone performing manual labour. He claims they are the robes appropriate to the Elder Sage of a Syronical Potentate and that he is justified in wearing them because he is the last descendant of the Syrons.

Another member of the Scholasticarium, Ildegar Wemms, has entered into a wager with Wilbon that he cannot prove this by sundown tomorrow.

Wilbon has engaged the PCs to help in this endeavour, either because they are his students and he holds absolute power over them, or they are tempted by the lure of the terces that a man of such stupendous dress must surely possess. In any case, the point is moot, and the game afoot…


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