Adventure: The Balance Restored

This short adventure for the Dying Earth RPG originally appeared on in July 2004.

by Steve Dempsey

The mage Vanduk has promised to deliver a talk at a conclave. His reputation rides on the success of his demonstration. His talk is about how spell pervulsions are combined to make worthwhile effects, but his understanding is that of a hedge magician. So he called on Pandelume and negotiated an exchange.

Pandelume was to teach him the pervulsions of Vorredol’s Removable Eye for use at the Symposium. In exchange, Vanduk was to deliver certain rare spices to Pandelume. Vanduk cheated – some of the spices were fakes. Pandelume realised that Vanduk would try to cheat him and put in a faulty syllable to at
least gain some advantage. The mistake summons a demon who, it just so happens, Pandelume wants to capture. Had Vanduk been honest, Pandelume would have sent him a message explaining that there had been an accidental inversion and giving him the correct version of the spell.

The PCs are the unfortunates who are left to sort out this sorry mess.

Download The Balance Restored here


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